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War Trauma
The effects on Ukrainian society and science

Panel Discussion at CAFE KYIV 2024

PLEASE NOTE: The discussion is part of the event "Cafe Kyiv", organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. If you want to join our panel, please registre beforehand: https://mailings.kas.de/f/64728-235565

For all Information on Cafe Kyiv 2024 see: https://cafekyiv.kas.de/

The Russian war against Ukraine has a direct psychological impact on those who are in the immediate war zone, affected by bombing or who have become refugees. But it also damages the mental state of those who are not directly affected by war action. And the war also impacts those who work with traumatized individuals. The panel discusses the consequences of traumatization for Ukrainian society and for scholars who research the consequences of war. And it discusses strategies to cope with trauma under war time conditions.

Christa Cocciole, Body Oriented Systems Therapist and Consultant for Embodied Leadership
Anastasiya Leukhina, UNET Coordinator, ZOiS, Center for East European and International Studies
Inna Volosevych, Fellow, ZOiS, Center for East European and International Studies, Deputy Director, Info Sapiens

Moderation: Gabriele Freitag, German Association for East European Studies (DGO)