Human Rights Protection in Central Asia

The EU Strategy for Central Asia recognizes that human rights, the rule of law, good governance, and democratization underpin the long-term political stability and economic development of the region.
The lecture discusses the issue of the protection of civil and political rights in the practice of Central Asian states: the freedoms of assembly, of association, and of speech, the protection from torture, and other basic human rights. The stories of concrete cases about the violation of human rights in Kazakhstan will illustrate the human right situation.

Anastassiya MILLER, human rights defender from Kazakhstan, works for a local NGO, the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and the Rule of Law.

25.11.2015, 18:00 Uhr

Wissenschaftszentrum Ost- und Südosteuropa Regensburg (WiOS)
Institut für Ostrecht
Landshuter Straße 4
93047 Regensburg


DGO-Zweigstelle Regensburg