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The Situation of Women and LGBTIQ+ in Poland.
Perspectives on the Recent Women’s Strike

Podiumsdiskussion mit Marta Bucholc (Warschau), Bożena Keff (Warschau) und Mirosława Makuchowska (Warschau)


The rights of gender and sexual minorities in Poland faced a backlash last year due to events like the anti-LGBTIQ+ election campaign of President Duda and the declaration of units of local self-government as „LGBT-(Ideology) Free Zones“. Also, women’s rights have been under attack as the Constitutional Tribunal issued a de facto ban on abortions in October 2020. This caused the largest protests in Poland since 1989, coordinated by All-Poland Women’s Strike („Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet“) and uniting women from diverse backgrounds and ages.

The panelists will shed light on the roots of the protests, their forms, aims and opponents, and discuss what they mean for the Polish society today.


Professor at the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Warsaw

Bożena KEFF
Writer, poet, feminist and theorist

Vice Director of Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH) and founding member of the Consultative Council of All-Poland Women’s Strike (OSK)

The discussion will be moderated by
Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Eastern European and Comparative Law.

Organized and hosted by:
Angelika NUßBERGER
Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Cologne and Director of the Institute of Eastern European and Comparative Law,
Head of the Cologne Branch of the German Association for East European Studies (DGO)

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